Media Studies Equipment Loan Contract

Equipment Contract for Media Studies Production Center
  • Fall 2015
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  • Checkout Day are Monday and Thursday ONLY.
    Equipment return times are 9:00 AM - 1:00 PM on those days.
    Equipment checkout times are 1:00 PM - 8:30 PM on those days.

    All equipment must be returned to an employee in the Production Department (UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES MAY THE EQUIPMENT BE LEFT UNATTENDED).

    Students are only allowed a maximum of (2) consecutive check-outs (no exceptions).

    You must contact the Production Dept. prior to the time the equipment is due if you will be returning it late. You are allowed (2) excused late returns per semester before your privileges are suspened or terminated.

    If any student is found acting irresponsibly with equipment belonging to the Media Studies Program, the Program reserves the right to suspend any, all or some privileges, as it deems necessary. Students are required to report any misuse of equipment to the faculty immediately.

    By checking the box below, the Student agrees to use the equipment in direct accordance with the policies and procedures dictated by the Pitzer College Media Studies Program. Any equipment abuse or neglect will result in direct financial responsibility for any and all replacement or repair costs, and may well result in disciplinary action that could lead to the severance of some or all lending privileges.

    Please follow all necessary safety measures. All equipment is to be used at your own risk.